Editor Janet Wallace
Translator Nicole Boudreau
Writers Anne Macey
Rochelle Eisen
Janet Wallace
Maureen Bostock
Paddy Doherty
Principal Writers (2020) Janet Wallace
Rochelle Eisen
Principal Writers (2015/2018) Anne Macey
Rochelle Eisen
and Maureen Bostock
Principal Writers (2010) Paddy Doherty and Anne Macey
Other Writers and Reviewers for the 2020 Guide Bill Barkley
Joël Boutin
François Labelle
Hugh Martin
Kelly Monaghan
Karen Murchison
Annie St-Onge
Reviewers and Past Team Members Ashley St. Hilaire
Nicole Boudreau
Rochelle Eisen
Anne Macey
Kristine Swaren
Maureen Bostock
Brenda Frick
Roxanne Beavers
Maureen Bostock
Jean Duval
Janine Gibson
Amy Kremen
Lorraine Bourry

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