Urban Organic Gardening Seminars 2017

COG-OSO Spring Seminars, 2016

COG-OSO Spring Seminars, 2016

Learn about organic vegetable, herb, and edible flower gardening with experienced and qualified instructors. Discounts are available for students and seniors with registration for total package of 7 seminars. Take part in these seminars and start a small garden in boxes, containers or raised beds! Learn organic ways of loving Mother Nature, respecting the soil, dealing with problems … knowing you can get advice easily throughout the growing season.

Where: City Hall, 110 Laurier West

When: Tuesday and Thursdays evenings, from 7pm to 9pm., April 18- May 9

Please arrive at 6:45 for announcements.


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2017 Schedule

April 18: Getting Your Organic Garden Started – Instructors – Pat Lucey &
Telsing Andrews

April 20: Building Healthy Soil the Organic Way – Instructors – Pat Lucey &
Rob Danforth

April 25: Growing Organic Vegetables, Herbs & Edible flowers In-Ground and Raised Beds in the Ground in our Urban Setting – Instructor – David Hinks

April 27: Organic Gardening in Containers and Raised Beds separate from Ground – Instructor – Rob Danforth

May 2: Garden Diagnosis & Organic Garden Management of Pests & Diseases – Instructor – Telsing Andrews

2 mai: Le diagnostique et la gestion des insectes et des maladies dans le jardin biologique (en français) – Eveline Lemieux

May 4: Extending the Gardening Growing Season, Seed Saving Plus Winterizing – Instructors – Rob Danforth & Telsing Andrews

May 9: Organic Gardening- The Big Picture with special speaker, Mary Reid followed by a choice of two seminars: Garden Planning Workshop – Facilitator: Pat Lucey or Space and Labour Saving in Your Garden & Vertical Gardening – Rob Danforth
* Choice on arrival