Choose Organic For A Healthier, Greener And Fairer World

“Yes, I want to help build a more climate-resilient, inclusive and sustainable future in Canada.” 

By making more environmentally conscious choices when I shop for food, I can help create a more sustainable food system in Canada that creates jobs, strengthens our economy, supports diversity, and saves the planet. That’s why I’m raising my voice in support of Canadian Organic Grower’s campaign. Because I’m pledging to go #OrganicallyCanadian!

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What we buy matters

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to food choices. The products we choose have an impact not only on our health and well-being — but also on our local communities and ecosystems. 

This realization isn’t new: people across Canada are increasingly weighing their purchasing decisions against larger questions of health, social impacts and sustainability — often going out of their way to make a socially and environmentally responsible choice. 1

Canada’s organic sector plays a key role in this conversation — because organic products have direct benefits for our health, the planet and economic resilience. 

Here’s how:

To continue to reap the benefits of organics in Canada, we need more people to put Canadian organics at the top of their shopping list.

If we don’t change

Misconceptions about organics continue to create unnecessary barriers for many ordinary Canadians. As a consequence, many people still opt for non-organic products in grocery stores — without understanding the knock-on impacts of those choices. 

The simple fact is that you get what you pay for — and investing in Canadian organic producers is a direct investment in better health for you, for the people who produced your food, and for the ecosystem it was grown in. 

When we choose organic, we are not only improving our own health but also supporting the more than 7,000 organic farmers and producers across Canada that prioritize care for the land and our environment. Many feed their local communities without the need for high-carbon transportation and they hire local staff to support local economies. They participate in economic cooperatives and knowledge-sharing. Simply put, Canada’s organic sector helps make Canada more climate-resilient, inclusive and sustainable.

Pledge to make a difference

Movements like #OrganicallyCanadian can help make the case for healthier, greener and fairer agricultural practices across the country. 

As Canada’s oldest organic and regenerative association, Canadian Organic Growers is dedicated to empowering farmers, producers and consumers to adopt more sustainable, climate-friendly organic agriculture practices. 

That’s why we’re calling for your support today — because every organic purchase impacts a more climate-resilient, inclusive and sustainable future. 

Add your name and pledge #OrganicallyCanadian now to show that — through our food choices — we can create a healthier, greener and fairer Canada.


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