Organic Organizations In Canada

Who’s Who In The Organic Sector

Federal Governmental Organizations

AAFC – Agriculture And Agri-food Canada

AAFC – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – A division of the Federal Government which works with farmers and food producers to support the growth and development of the agriculture and agri-food sector through research, technology advancement, and policy develop and program delivery.

  • OVCRT – Organics Value Chain Roundtable – A task force within Agriculture and Agri-food Canada responsible for creating consensus on how to improve the performance and profitability of the organic sector. The OVCRT is composed of members from each commodity group within the Canadian organic value chain.
CFIA – Canadian Food Inspection Agency

CFIA – Canadian Food Inspection Agency – the regulatory body that oversees, monitors and enforces the requirements of the Canada Organic Regime.

  • CVBs – Conformity Verification Bodies – An organization that has been designated by the CFIA to accredit and monitor certification bodies
  • CBs – Certification Bodies – An organization accredited by a CVB and the CFIA to certify agricultural products as organic in accordance with the Canada Organic Regime for market both inside and outside Canada. In BC there are also regionally accredited CBs delivering the BCCOP regional certification.
  • COR – Canada Organic Office – a section within the CFIA that implements the Canada Organic Regime.
CGSB – Canadian General Standards Board

CGSB – Canadian General Standards Board – a federal government organization that administers the process by which the Canadian Organic Standards are developed and maintained.

SIC – Standards Interpretation Committee

SIC – Standards Interpretation Committee – an advisory body developed by the CFIA and the Organic Federation of Canada that provides binding interpretations of the standards.

National Organic Organizations

COG – Canadian Organic Growers

COG – Canadian Organic Growers – COG is a registered national charity focused on resilient agriculture. COG is engaged in organic education, policy work and sector development at the local, regional and national level. They promote the value and integrity of organic methods to help ensure the future of organic production.

OFC – Organic Federation Of Canada

OFC – Organic Federation of Canada – a national organization which represents the organic sector to the federal Government on matters of regulation of the industry. The OFC is responsible for naming the members of the Standards Interpretation Committee.

OACC – Organic Agriculture Centre Of Canada

OACC – Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada – a national research organization that serves the organic sector through science and education. Based out of Dalhousie University in Truro, Nova Scotia.

COTA – Canada Organic Trade Association

COTA – Canada Organic Trade Association – a national organization that works with legislators on decisions that affect the organic sector, conducts research on organic market trends, and promotes export and trade of Canadian organic products.

Provincial Organic Organizations


OA – Organic Alberta – a membership driven non-profit association. We represent organics in Alberta and strengthen the organic community through leadership, networking, education, communication and advocacy.

British Columbia

Organic BC – is growing the organic movement in British Columbia from the ground up.  Our grassroots network of organic certifiers, farmers, processors and consumers is working to build healthy soil, ecosystems, people and communities.  Together, we’re raising the standards of organic agriculture and transforming agriculture’s impact on the planet.


MOA – Manitoba Organic Alliance – a membership driven, non-profit alliance which unites and represents organic associations, farmers, processors, buyers, retailers and researchers in Manitoba. The Alliance supports organics through networking, advocacy and development.

OFCM – Organic Food Council of Manitoba – a chapter of COG that promotes local, organic food through education and community building in the prairies.


OCO – Organic Council of Ontario – a membership-based non-profit association that supports Ontario’s organic sector through advocacy, government and policy work, organic standards review, and provision of educational resources and services.

Prince Edward Island

PEI COPC – PEI Certified Organic Producers Co-operative – a co-op composed of organic producers and consumers that supports the organic sector in PEI through advocacy and education.


UPA – L’Union des producteurs agricoles – a professional farmers union represent roughly 42,00 Quebec farmers as well as all forestry producers in Quebec. Offers resources and services for farmers in Quebec.


SaskOrganics – a farmer led membership non-profit organization.  We serve all certified organic entities throughout the value chain in Saskatchewan by advocating for a sustainable and thriving organic Community through leadership in research, market development and communications.


GoOFY – Growers of Organic Food Yukon – a Yukon association that promotes organic practices and provides support, education and advocacy about organic growing and processing.

Atlantic Region

ACORN – Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network – a non-profit organization that promotes organic agriculture in Atlantic Canada by facilitating information exchange, coordinating non-formal education for producers and consumers and networking with the organic stakeholders.

International Organic Organizations

IFOAM – International Federation of Organic Movements – an umbrella organization of the organic world, uniting organic stakeholders from across the globe. IFOAM holds an assembly every three years and maintains an international organic standard.

OTA – Organic Trade Association – a membership based business association for organic agriculture and products in the USA.

OMRI – Organic Materials Review Institute – an international nonprofit organization that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic production and processing. OMRI publishes a list of allowable brand name products.

Other Resources

YA – Young Agrarians – a network for new and young ecological and organic farmers in Canada. YA promotes educational resources and services for farmers in Canada.

SeedChange – a national organization that promotes ecological agriculture and partners with farmers in Canada and across globe to strengthen local food systems.

ACORN – Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network – a non-profit organization that promotes organic agriculture in Atlantic Canada by facilitating information exchange, coordinating non-formal education for producers and consumers and networking with the organic stakeholders.

FCS – Farmers for Climate Solutions – a national alliance of farmer organizations and supporters who believe that agriculture must be part of the solution to climate change.