Regenerating Nutrition / Régénérer la nutrition

Over the last several decades, the focus on the nutrient density of foods has been replaced by the pursuit of higher yields and maximized production systems, leading to poorly managed soils and chronic illnesses associated with sub-optimal nutrition. However, it is vital to understand that natural ecosystems are complex and dynamic and that nothing thrives in isolation.

Join Regeneration Canada on February 20th to explore how regenerative food production is healthier for the soil, people and the planet. During this webinar, we will hear from cattle rancher Craig Cameron of Peony Farms near Lacombe, Alberta, about how his daughter’s health challenges encouraged him to reevaluate his farming practices and focus on producing the highest quality beef possible–an objective that he regularly monitors through five testing methods.

Author Dr. Fred Provenza, professor emeritus of Behavioral Ecology, will share his knowledge about the intuitive wisdom of animals regarding nutritional choices and how humans could rethink the future of food. Shawna Lyons from the Bionutrient Institute will dive into the science behind the nutrient testing of foods and her own experiences in food production. The webinar will be facilitated by Angel Beyde of the EFAO. There will be time for questions at the end of the session.

The discussion will be in English with real-time interpretation in French, and a webinar recording will be available in both languages after the event.

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