National Farmers Union Convention

The annual 3-day National Convention of the National Farmers Union unites farmers from across Canada to engage in discussions and education about key agricultural topics and concerns. The event is open to the public, featuring a keynote address by Fatima Syed, Award-winning journalist and Vice-President of the Canadian Association of Journalists where she will speak on politics, journalism, and the investigation of Premier Ford’s attack on the Greenbelt and associated Ontario farmland.

The program comprises various presentations, panel discussions, elections of national officers, reports from elected officials and caucuses, and debates and votes on resolutions that shape the NFU’s public policy positions.

This year’s convention, themed “The Future of Farming: In Our Hands,” will take place in the nation’s capital. Join us from November 23-25th at the convention to actively participate in democratic processes, promote pro-farmer policies, and contribute to putting “The Future of Farming: In Our Hands.”

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