Decolonizing the Climate, Biodiversity and Food Crises: Critical Indigenous Approaches

What do Indigenous perspectives tell us about interlocking Earth crises like climate change, biodiversity loss, and food injustice, and ways to respond to these?

How can work on climate, food and sustainability center Indigenous knowledges in ways that foreground Indigenous peoples’ decolonial struggles for land defense and land rematriation, biocultural diversity restoration, and the restitution of land-based sovereignty–including food sovereignty? 

Join in on Thursday February 8th at 9am PST / 10am MST / 11am CST / noon EST / 1pm AST (note: this class is 3 hours earlier than normal NFUniversity classes) to explore these questions and more with our speaker Leonardo E Figueroa Helland (PhD) (he/him/le’e).