Register for Eco Farm Day

Eco Farm Day brings together established farmers and new farmers with related businesses interested in food and farming in Eastern Ontario & Western Quebec. At the event, participants learn, engage, and connect on current technical and business issues that matter in the organic sector through a series of panels, presentations, farmer-to-farmer sessions and one-on-one discussions with exhibitors.

Join us for a full day of exciting farmer-led programming, a delicious organic lunch, our signature trade show and a variety of networking opportunities with the local community. This conference is for everyone regardless of where you are in your sustainable agriculture journey.

The theme of Eco Farm Day 2024 is Growing Together: Strengthening Economic Viability and Building Resilience on Organic Farms. 

Our full day of farmer-led programming focuses on tapping into the vast expertise and resources of the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec organic farming community, and on building farmer-to-farmer connections. Workshops will be led by sector-leaders and will cover a number of topics that are relevant to strengthening economic viability and building resilience on the farm.

This year’s keynote will be given by Dan Brisebois of Tourne-Sol Cooperative Farm!