Nature’s Path Launches $100K Program to Help Canadian Organic Growers Earn Regenerative Certification

Nature’s Path has unveiled the “Regenerative Organic Oats” (ROO) program in collaboration with
Canadian Organic Growers (COG). With an annual budget of $100,000, the initiative aims to assist
four organic farmers in obtaining the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC). The program seeks to
enhance regenerative organic practices, promote education and advocacy, develop soil carbon
sequestration methods, and establish an agriculture system that empowers both farmers and
consumers while combating climate change.

The partnership also intends to assess the carbon impacts of these practices and monitor soil carbon
changes over time to gauge the effectiveness of regenerative organic farming in addressing
environmental concerns. Participating farmers will receive financial support for program-related
expenses, including training, farm management coaching, and access to evolving soil carbon
sequestration measurement tools. Upon completion, an open-source manual will be created to guide
other oat farms interested in adopting regenerative organic practices.