Helping Canadian Organic Growers Meet Demand for Canadian Organic Products

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada plans to invest $640,000 in the Canadian Organic Growers (COG) to boost the consumption of local Canadian organic products. This initiative was announced during Canada’s National Organic Week at Chelsea Market. While demand for organic food in Canada is rising, much of it is met through imports.

COG will utilize the investment to create a strategy that addresses supply chain obstacles for Canadian organic producers, aiming to maximize economic potential and encourage local consumption. Recommendations from this strategy will be reviewed by an advisory committee, with a resulting report focusing on investment opportunities, domestic demands, and the benefits of increasing local organic production. This effort aligns with the government’s aim for food supply self-sufficiency and sustainability. The investment stems from the Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program, designed to enhance the competitiveness and adaptability of the agricultural sector.