Government of Canada Supports Collaboration to Promote Sustainability and Growth for Canada’s Organics Industry

The organic industry in Canada is thriving, driven by dedicated organic food producers and supportive organizations. To ensure its sustained growth in response to rising consumer demand, collaboration is key. The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau, has announced an investment
of up to $103,400 for the Organic Federation of Canada (OFC) to facilitate a new partnership aiming to enhance sustainability and expansion in the country’s organic sector.

This initiative involves the Organic Federation of Canada (OFC), Canadian Organic Growers (COG), and the Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA) — three major national organizations that
collectively bolster the organic industry. The funding supports the development of a unified governance structure and an effective funding model across these organizations, streamlining efforts
to bolster the organic sector and assist producers transitioning to organic practices.

Organic farming methods contribute to soil health, biodiversity, and climate resilience. The Canadian government is committed to supporting the prosperous organic industry, acknowledging its benefits for both the environment and the economy. This investment is part of the Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program (CASPP), a $50.3 million initiative over five years to enhance competitiveness in the agricultural sector. Canada’s organic farming sector is valued at $8 billion and ranks sixth globally, with an annual organic demand growth of 8.7%. Despite increased production, demand continues to outpace supply.