COG Directors Distinguished with National & International Awards

Two of COG’s Board Directors, Gillian Flies and Allison J. Squires have shown great initiative with their outstanding work in agriculture. Gillian and Allison have showcased advocacy and leadership in their efforts toward a sustainable and resilient organic food system.

Gillian Flies

Gillian Flies Award
Gillian Flies

COG’s President and co-owner of The New Farm, Gillian Flies Has Been Named A “Leader Of Rurality” by Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

“The Leaders of Rurality title recognizes individuals who are playing a critical dual role, namely as guarantors of food and nutritional security and as custodians of the planet’s biodiversity, producing under all kinds of conditions. The recognition also highlights these individuals’ capacity to serve as positive examples for the rural areas of the region.”

“Gillian Flies has embraced agriculture and used her voice to stand up for food security and environmental sustainability.”

– Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture

You can read more about Gillian’s recognition as a Leader of Rurality and her story alongside her husband, Brent Preston HERE

Allison J. Squires

COG’s incoming President Allison Squires and Cody Straza, co-owners of Upland Organics, have been awarded “Organic Farmer of the Year” by Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA).

Allison Squires Headshot
Allison Squires

“Each year we look forward to honouring those who have led with valuable contributions to help grow and expand organic. These leaders play an instrumental role to further the values and vision of our industry,” said Tia Loftsgard, Executive Director of the Canada Organic Trade Association.”

“Our ultimate goal is to pass on a thriving operation to the next generation of farmers. To do this we are focused on doing more with less while identifying opportunities to expand our market with value-added and diverse enterprises. We see so many opportunities within the agriculture industry and we are very excited about what the future holds for the next generation of farmers.” Allison J Squires, Owner & Operator, Upland Organics”

– Canadian Organic Trade Association

Allison told COG

“Cody, myself, and our team at Upland Organics are extremely honoured to receive this award. As organic farmers, we take pride in providing high-quality food produced in a responsible way and it is a huge privilege to be recognized for our efforts.”

You can read more about Allison’s recognition and her story alongside her husband, Cody Straza HERE

Executive Director of COG, Deirdre Laframboise said

“These two awards provide well-deserved recognition for many years of hard work, passion and commitment to organic agriculture. We congratulate Gillian, Allison (and their families) and are very proud they are members of the Canadian Organic Growers’ Board of Directors.”