Join COG at the Guelph Organic Conference

Join 1800+ attendees – organic farmers, traders, processors, retailers, eaters and Organic Industry Change-Makers at the Guelph Organic Conference – the oldest and largest organic conference in Canada. Virtual workshops will be offered the week of January 23-27, 2023. Over the weekend, the organic community is returning in person for the much-missed Friday night organic dinner, as well as the in-person workshops and Trade Show on January 28th and 29th at the University of Guelph. 

COG is looking forward to attending the Guelph Organic Conference (GOC) again this year as an official conference sponsor. There are many ways to connect with COG this year at GOC. 

Visit COG at the GOC Trade Show

COG looks forward to seeing you at the Guelph Organic Conference Trade Show. 

Come visit us at Booth 26. We welcome your visit and look forward to connecting on our resources and programs for farmers and consumers. We will also have publications available for sale at special conference discounts. 

Join COG events at the GOC 

Planning for On-Farm Climate Resilience

Saturday January 28th @ 9:00am w/ Vivian Kaloxilos, David Katerynych, Ken Laing and moderated by Gillian Flies

What can you do as a farmer to track your farm’s resilience to climate change? Did you know there are simple, affordable on-farm soil health tools you can use to help you determine the impact of your management decisions and whether you are on the right track? These normally qualitative tests are best used in conjunction with soil lab tests, but can be quantified and replicated to show improvement over time. This session presents an overview of these tools, how they can be used alongside soil lab analysis, and recommends a protocol for tracking your soil health over time.

Innovations in Cover Cropping (Intermediate to Advanced)

Saturday January 28th @ 10:30am w/ Brent Preston, Anne Verhallen and moderated by Stuart Oke

Cover cropping is an organic regenerative practice that can help increase on-farm soil health, crop health and water retention. Cover cropping is an integral part of increasing your farms resilience to the threats of climate change. This session offers an expanded overview of innovations in cover cropping in Ontario and across Canada and how you can apply them to your farm.

COG developed the curriculum for the cover cropping course as part of Farmers for Climate Solutions Farm Resilience Management (FaRM) Program. FaRM is a free learning hub offering online resources,
access to experienced farmer mentors, and a network of farmers in your region and across Canada to help you adopt practices that reduce emissions and build resilience.

Organic Retailer and Producer Meet and Greet!

Sunday January 29th @ 12:00pm 

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The event will take place Sunday January 29th from 12-1 pm over lunch in the Peter Clark Hall Lounge Area of the trade show in University Centre (University of Guelph). This will be an excellent opportunity for organic producers to have direct networking opportunities with organic retailers. Bring your business cards and let’s connect on organic!  

Addressing the Gaps in the Domestic Organic Supply Chain

Sunday January 29th @ 2:30pm w/ Harry Cummings (HCA Consulting) and moderated by Deirdre Laframboise

While many farmers transition to organic production, barriers to getting products to market remain a critical risk. Learn about the systemic, cultural, and sectoral barriers that persist in the Canadian organic supply chain and discover solutions that everyone can act on. This is the first time that findings from COG’s recently completed three year study on barriers and solutions to Canada’s organic supply chain will be shared publicly. Presented by Deirdre Laframboise — COG’s Executive Director — and Harry Cummings — Director at Harry Cummings & Associates.

We’re Launching Our Organic Supply Chain Reports

COG is thrilled to be launching our fantastic organic supply chain reports at the Guelph Organic Conference! More details and how to snag copies to come!