2018 Photo Contest


The Canadian Organic Grower has launched it’s 2018 Photo contest which is open to all camera-owning Canadians with a passion for organics until February 2019. TCOG strives to tell the stories of Canadian Organic Farmers and we hope this contest will help with this mission by allowing us to feature snapshots of the lives and experiences of our readers. The contest winner will be featured on the cover of an issue of TCOG in 2019, and other winning photos will be featured in the pages of the issue.

Other prizes will be offered for each of the following six categories:

Organic in Action: Give us a glimpse of your production, processing, or preparation activities, whether it’s in your pasture, grain field, garden, kitchen, or flour mill.

Flora and Fauna: Capture the essence of the plants and animals in your gardens and farms, such as crops, livestock or wild things of any shape and size.

Farm Scenes and Landscapes: Share the view out your window or across the road, in its everyday loveliness or rare splendour.

Produce and Products: Show off what you grow or make, from your heritage bean varieties or famous berry jam to pastured pork on the BBQ.

The Faces of Organic: Introduce us to the people who inhabit your organic operation and community, whether they be producers, family members, customers or others along the organic value chain.

Connecting with Community: Let us in on a moment from your organic community, such as markets, dinners, work bees or other gatherings.

Click Here for contest details or to submit an entry