Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Regenerative Organic Agriculture Can Help Canadian Farmers in Their Fight Against Climate Change

Did You Know?

We Have Less Than 56 Harvests Left

The UN estimates that with current farming practices, we have on average less than fifty six harvests left before the rest of our farmland is severely degraded or destroyed

A Better Future Starts on The Farm
Farmers Need Your Support!

Canadian Organic Growers (COG) is a Canadian charity that provides education, advocacy and leadership to help build an agricultural system that empowers farmers and consumers, enhances human health, builds community and mitigates climate change while increasing Canadian food security.

By donating to COG you are directly funding our farmers and their work toward transitioning their farmland to organic and regenerative organic agriculture

Build resilient communities with strong organic food systems
Increase access to healthy food & address the root causes of food insecurity
Support indigenous food sovereignty
Champion decent work & justice for workers all along the food chain
Identify economic opportunities and help reduce inequality
Tackle climate change by sequestering carbon
Increase biodiversity & improve air, water and soil health

Help Us Grow the Organic Movement

COG is Canada’s organic hub. For over 45 years, we have been growing the organic movement in Canada. We connect communities across Canada to build a food system guided by organic principles of health, sustainability and fairness. We provide a platform to share knowledge, build community, inform policy makers and eaters alike, and ultimately grow the organic movement in Canada.

A donation offers an effective way of supporting our activities. At Canadian Organic Growers, we’re helping farmers transition their farms to organic. All the funds we raise go towards supporting transitioning and existing organic farmers across the country.