Who We Serve

With a name like “Canadian Organic Growers” we often have people express interest in what we do but say they can’t join up because they aren’t farmers.  The good news is that we are here to serve the broader community through a wide range of programs and events.

Over the last 30 years COG Ottawa, and now COG Ottawa – St. Lawrence – Outaouais (or COG OSO for short), has been delivering programs and services for farmers, gardeners, educators, and people who care about healthy food and healthy environments.  We continue to develop these resources and invite everyone to benefit!

Our chapter’s membership base extends from the St. Lawrence River to the Outaouais in Western Quebec, and encompasses all of the Ottawa Valley.

As a regional chapter of a registered national charity, COG OSO focuses its work on providing primarily educational services.  We are not a trade association, nor are we a lobby organization, although we certainly are glad to get involved and contribute to public discussions around healthy food production systems.  For example, COG was one of the many organizations involved in advising the federal government on the development of the Canadian Organic Standards.