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Please Note: Canadian Organic Growers – Ottawa-St.Lawrence-Outaouais Chapter (COG-OSO) is providing this listing as a service to its members and friends, and to the companies and individuals that choose to be listed. Those listing here, and users of the information, should be aware of the following:

  • COG-OSO does not endorse any particular service or service provider.
  • Services and items listed may be proposed by members of COG-OSO or other organic growers or businesses, or may be proposed by the service providers themselves, provided at least some of the services/supplies are acceptable in organic production (for example, livestock health products which are on the Canadian Organic Standard “Permitted Substances” list).
  • The Steering Committee of COG-OSO (or a sub-committee appointed by the Steering Committee) reserves the right to exclude any service provider if it is believed not to be of value to the organic grower community.
  • Some of the services and items are certified organic, but others are not. Some services and products cannot be certified as organic, but are listed because they are permitted for use in organic systems, or in the case of service providers, are able to follow organic protocols and provide documentation to prove it (e.g. clean-out records for grain transportation vehicles).
  • It is the responsibility of the users of this list to ensure the suitability of services and service providers for their needs before obtaining or engaging them, or purchasing their supplies. This may require contacting their organic certification body for approval prior to using a product or service.

COG-OSO has gathered the information in good faith, but is not liable for any errors or misrepresentations the information may contain. Any listing that a user of the directory believes to be erroneous, misleading, or inconsistent with organic growing principles will be removed until corrected and/or verified to be correct or acceptable.

Listings are free at present.  It is our intention that eventually there will be a small charge for a listing in this directory (some exceptions may apply), but those listed will have the option to be removed before any charges are applied. COG-OSO values feedback from its directory users. Please contact Dick Coote, Lead Volunteer, Organic Services Directory, COG-OSO, at, to comment, or to request additions or changes.