Senior Organic Gardener’s Organizational Objective

 Nasha Choudhury, OCH Green Facilitator from 2014, at 800 St. Laurent.

Nasha Choudhury, OCH Green Facilitator from 2014, sits under an arc of glistening water droplets, as the gardens are watered at 800 St. Laurent.

* SOG’s long-range objective as an organization is to reach English and French speaking Canadian seniors, seniors from diverse ethno-cultural backgrounds, aboriginal seniors and seniors of differing levels of wealth.

Our goal is to create templates and a SOG Video showing the concept of SOG with sidebars of organic gardening skill demonstrations for Senior Organic Gardening Programs to be replicated.


Canadian society is a mosaic of English, French speaking seniors as well as an array of seniors of diverse ethnic origins and languages all of whom many could benefit from the opportunity to practice gardening. Aboriginal Canadians seniors are intrinsically contacted to the natural world and many may have a natural affinity for gardening.


We have plans to build Templates for SOG programs for all seniors including aboriginals and new Canadians. The templates would be in English and French actively recommending and supporting the use of interpreters for new Canadian seniors. Respect for the aboriginal culture
and for cultures of New Canadians would be included in the various Templates.

We plan to carry out training for staffs and volunteers in various settings and to film those training sessions for use with the Templates. The National Capital area is ideal for the “mother ship” of Senior Organic Gardeners because we have French, English, Aboriginals and seniors of other ethnocultural origins on our doorstep. SOG would become a sustainable organization operating only one group for each Template in order to support the momentum for seniors’ gardening in seniors’ locations all over Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.