How Senior Organic Gardeners Works

Senior Organic GardenersWe invite seniors and seniors’ residences to partner with SOG to develop organic vegetable, herb and edible flower gardening with the help and guidance of volunteers and our staff.

We offer workshops, demonstrations, advice, some physical assistance and periodic visits to monitor progress. The whole gardening experience is tailored to suit the needs and abilities of seniors in the community and of administrators in community housing, retirement homes and long term care facilities.

Our involvement is on a three-year cycle: After the first successful season, we rely more on a local volunteer to ensure that the gardens are cared for over the summer (with advice and help as needed). After Year 2, we entrust the care of the established gardens to the seniors, Lead Volunteers and staffs of residences and public housing locations, while remaining available to provide organic gardening advice as needed. After Year 3, we trust that the local Lead Volunteers will be able and want to carry on
planting, weeding and watering with advice from SOG as needed, but basically gardening autonomously.

All costs for materials (which remain on location) must be covered by the seniors or the residences. This is particularly true of locations that are For Profit. Locations that are Not For Profit sometimes benefit from donations of seedlings and containers from organic farmers and community members of Canadian Organic Growers Ottawa St Lawrence Outaouais Chapter.