Senior Organic Gardeners

Senior Organic Gardeners (SOG) is the newest program from the Ottawa – St. Lawrence – Outaouais Chapter of Canadian Organic Growers (COG OSO).  Our objective for this program is to offer opportunities to seniors in their homes, apartments, community housing apartments, retirement residences, and long term care facilities to engage in organic vegetable, herb and edible flower gardening, to benefit from the healthy activity, productive pastime, and restful therapy that gardening can offer.


Gardening – Horticultural Manager – Requirements and Job Description
Coordinator – Requirements and Job Description

SOG’s Values

The Senior Organic Gardeners (SOG) program encourages:
– active participation during the Growing Season in gardening (planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, enjoying) as much as possible and with assistance
– interest in tasting organic food
– learning through engaging and hands-on activities about gardening and food issues during the Non Growing Season
– pleasure of telling of past gardening experiences; fun of telling gardening jokes and listening to gardening music
– consumption of locally grown organic food by raising awareness among seniors and residence administrators about the availability of organic produce; ?
– community-building and intergenerational exchange by facilitating connections between COG OSO’s Growing Up Organic (GUO) program and SOG; and,?
– fostering partnerships with related organizations.

SOG’s Mission

Enhance the quality of life and health of seniors through ability-appropriate opportunities to garden with interesting and pleasurable learning and sharing. Reflect on the balance of the environment and the mystery of life during all seasons. Encourage consumption of more local organic food and enjoy intergenerational activities.

Organic vegetables, herbs and edible flower gardening offers:

  • good outdoor low impact exercise
  • increased consumption of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers
  • mental stimulation
  • an exciting pastime
  • healthy food
  • a reduction in the intake of chemical residues on vegetables
  • interesting textures
  • surprising colours
  • wonderful aromas
  • exciting tastes
  • jogged memories
  • restful therapy
  • social interaction
  • personal satisfaction
  • gardening experience sharing, gardening songs and jokes
  • numerous other Non Growing Season topics

Learn more about the program: How SOG Works – Partner Roles, Sponsorship Opportunities, Our Sponsors, and The SOG Team.

To learn how to become a donor or sponsor of Senior Organic Gardeners click here.