Other ways to Participate in Organic Week

Why not try some of these ideas to participate and make the most of Organic Week?

  • Stop by your local farmers’ market and buy some local organic produce. Talk to the farmer to find out if he or she uses principles of organic farming.
  • Check out the Where to Buy page on organicweek.ca to find out which of your local businesses are participating in Organic Week 2013! Be sure to support organics with the power of your choices in products!
  • Plan to grow your own: start a veggie patch, put in a cold frame, share some seeds
  • Volunteer at a community garden or for an organization like Canadian Organic Growers!
  • Support a grower: buy from local organic growers (list available at http://cog.ca/ottawa/organic-food-directory/) or support an organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm
  • Speak up: Add your voice to the conversation about organic food
  • Keep informed: Learn about organic food and farming – you can start at COG-Ottawa’s webpage where you’ll find plenty of information about organics in the Resources/Media tab
  • Ask your local grocer, health food store and your favourite restaurant how they plan to celebrate Organic Week
  • Hold a potluck of local organic food and vote on the tastiest dishes

This event was launched by COG and COTA in 2010 as a national celebration of all things organic.  Many activities are organized at the local and regional level by COG Chapters. So it’s Organic Week – what’s the big deal about organic food?

  • For you: eat more nutrients, less chemicals
  • For the animals: grown more naturally with dignity
  • For the ecosystem: increase biodiversity at all levels
  • For the environment: decrease toxic overload
  • For others: improve working conditions for those who produce our food
  • For you again: all the above reasons

We want to hear your ideas or your plans to celebrate Organic Week. Visit the national Organic Week website.