Organic Demonstration Garden

Organic Gardeners Celebration 2017Organic Gardeners’ Celebration 2017

Participant in Canada’s 150th Birthday

Organic Gardeners are invited to join the Celebration on Sunday, July 16th 2017 from 1:00 to 3:00 at the Organic Demonstration Garden in the Experimental Farm on Prince of Wales Drive in Ottawa!

The Celebration will feature Tours of the Organic Demonstration Garden including the organic Veggie Patch, the Perennials Bed, the active Composters, the Drought Resistant Plants, Edible Flowers and Herbs for the Table.  We demonstrate how gardeners can use organic methods to create and maintain an ecologically friendly and inviting garden.

Featured also will be a Kids’ Activity Table, Roving Musicians, 15 Door Prizes in celebration of Canada’s Birthday and Sips of Organic Lemonade.

All this is free of charge but we do need donations which will support both the Organic Demonstration Garden and Senior Organic Gardeners (SOG).

Please register early at

Célébration des Jardiners Bios 2017

Participants à la 150e Fête du Canada

Les jardiniers bios sont invités à se joindre à une celebration, dimanche, 16 juillet, 2017 à partir de 13:00 hres jusqu’à 16:00 hres au Jardin Démonstration Bio à la Ferme Expérimentale , Prom. Prince of Wales au centre d’Ottawa.

Il y aura des tours du Jardin Démonstration du Carré des Légumes, des parterres de vivaces, des composteurs actifs, des plantes résistantes à la sécheresse, des fleurs comestibles et des herbes pour la table. Nous expliquons comment les jardiniers peuvent ustiliser des méthods biologiques pour créer et maintenir un jardin écologique et attirant.

Au menu aussi: des Activités pour Enfants, la lemonade bio plus musiciens et musique! Ne manquez pas les Prix de portes! Le tout est gratuit mais nous acceptons des dons pour le Jardin Démonstration et pour notre programme- Les Jardiniers ainés bios!

Prière de vous inscrire tôt à: sog.

If you are interested in organic gardening for the home garden, come and visit our Organic Demonstration Garden at the Canada Agriculture Museum, on Prince of Wales Drive in Ottawa, across the road from the Arboretum and the Fletcher Wildlife Garden.  This garden is maintained completely by dedicated COG OSO volunteers.

Admission is free to visitors.  The gardens are easily accessible by public transit, by bicycle, and on foot.  There is a pay-per-use parking lot at the Museum, very close to the garden.  And there are benches for the weary to sit and enjoy the view!  New raised beds and composting bin were added in October 2013.


New raised beds and composter installed Fall 2012

New raised beds and compost bin installed Fall 2013

COG OSO's organic demonstration garden

COG OSO’s organic demonstration garden in the Spring


Organic Gardeners: Telsing Andrews, Jim Davidson, Gillian Boyd and others! (feel free to sign up!)

Summer Report from Tesling Andrews and the Demo Garden Team

The hard working volunteers have made a lot of progress revitalizing the already beautiful demonstration garden. The raised beds are filled with produce including beans, kale, Swiss chard, potatoes, pumpkins and more. There is always a colour that catches my eye when I come to the garden and this week, it was blue from the Russian Sage, Globe Thistle and Anise Hyssop. Our goal is to demonstrate how gardeners can use organic methods to create and maintain an ecologically friendly and inviting garden. We are also incorporating more edibles into the overall design. In the centre garden silver foliaged perennials Nepeta and Dianthus are used as edging with the fountain of silver Cardoon in the centre. Floating among these shimmering plants are the eye popping colours of edible flowered nasturtium and zinnia. Next year, we will expand our already long list of edible, pollinator friendly and eye pleasing herbs.


Demo Garden-a

Demo Garden-flowers

Demo Garden-chard