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Over the past 7 years, Growing Up Organic has supported many schools in establishing organic gardens as teaching tools. Some schools grow wings and continue gardening independently from GUO while others continue to be closely involved in our program through our garden-based workshops.

AY Jackson


AY Jackson Secondary School

AY Jackson’s school gardens were built in 2010 by three Food and Nutrition classes. (3 raised beds)


2014-04-23 12.40.13


Alta Vista Public School

Alta Vista’s brand new garden beds were built in April 2014 by four eager grade 3 classes!


Cairine Wilson's new garden

Cairine Wilson Secondary School

Cairine Wilson’s schools gardens were created in 2013. The two raised beds and additional “3 sisters” space provide an environment for the Community Living and Grade 11 Biology classes to learn together.


Cambridge St

 Cambridge Street Public School

Cambridge St started their kindergarten gardens from 2 existing raised beds a few years ago; in 2013 it was time to expand! Two brand new beds provide space for grade 3 students to learn about plants and grow delicious organic vegetables.


Cedarview Middle School Cedarview Middle School

Cedarview Middle School built their garden oasis in 2012 and expanded it this year so that even more middle school students could get their hands dirty.



Centennial Public School

Centennial Public School created a small garden oasis in 2014 dedicated to it’s three kindergarten classes.

Churchill Alternative

Churchill has a brand new garden in their schoolyard! Five garden beds and a pumpkin patch occupy a cozy section of the yard – the perfect place to wander during recess.At least 200 students are involved in the garden with 10 enthusiastic teachers! Churchill has a wonderful group of parent volunteers who help out with class work and wherever they are needed.

2013-05-30 10.51.04

Connaught Public School

Connaught’s garden is a source of pride and joy for the school. It’s three 3’x15′ raised beds, octagon herb spiral and potato barrel are in a gated but accessible area highly conducive to learning. Grade 3s and 5s helped put in a brand new compost system in 2013.




Devonshire Community Public School

Devonshire’s beloved “Itty Bitty Garden in the City” was retrofitted in 2013. With four raised beds, an octagon herb spiral, a new composter, and three potato barrels growing potatoes for the food bank, no wonder everyone at the school wants to be involved!



Earl of March Building 2

Earl of March Secondary School 

Three raised beds were built in 2012 by Earl of March grade 10 Food and Nutrition students. The beds are now primarily used by the students in the DDU as a great tactile activity with delicious results!


Marie Curie HappyEcole Marie-Curie

Grace à un conseil des parents extrêmement dévoué, l’école Marie-Curie a complètement transformé leur cour d’école en oasis naturel, y compris un jardin botanique bio, au printemps 2013. À chaque été, la récolte est partagé avec la banque alimentaire locale.


2013-10-01 14.00.55


École Ste Marie

Caché dans un petit coin, le jardin à l’École Ste Marie garde les élèves de 5e année bien occupés!


jardinbio 188

Ecole St-Francois-D’Assise

Créé au printemps 2012, le JardinBIO à l’école St François D’Assise est une source de fierté pour l’école entière! Les classes de 3e et 5e années en profitent à chaque année par l’intégration des activités dans le jardin au curriculum de classe.



Elmwood Private School

Elmwood is an all girls private school in Rockliffe Park. The gardens consist of four raised beds which were built in spring 2009. 



2014-04-24 14.45.42 Featherston Drive Public School

The students at Featherston couldn’t be more excited for their first season of gardening in their six new raised beds featured right in front of the school!




Frederick Banting Alternate

Frederick Banting installed three new raised beds in 2012 next to their maple trees (yes they make maple syrup!) in Stittville, ON. Students are able to devote community service hours to caring for the garden over the summer.



Heritage Academy

Heritage Academy’s garden is a local hero. In 2012, students launched the “Potato Project” and connected their garden (and many others!) to a good cause by donating the harvest to the Ottawa Food Bank.


Hillcrest High School

Food and Nutrition students at Hillcrest are lucky to have fresh salad greens for their spring labs, thanks to three raised garden beds right in front of their school.

2013-05-17 14.05.13

Hilson Avenue Public School

Hilson’s three new garden beds were part of a larger schoolyard revitalization project in 2013. Several classes participate in a small space by being especially creative in their involvement. Students created beautiful tiles to decorate their garden and identify their plants, and together created a bilingual garden guide!

 Joan of ARcJoan of Arc Academy

Can you imagine….all 115 students at Joan of Arc are involved in the new organic garden this year! with 4 octogonal raised beds, a baby apple tree and two potato gardens, it is sure to bring in a great harvest! It has already provided salad for everyone in the school!


2013-06-04 11.19.52

Pleasant Park Public School
Four raised beds stand proudly in front of Pleasant Park School. Grade 3 students are involved in every aspect of this garden every year. Proximity to the water tap and plenty of sun (and let’s not forget enthusiastic and very engaged teachers!) have made this garden a great success! 


Fisher Park/Summit Alternative

Four raised beds, built in 2011, are shared by one class of grade 7 students, giving everyone lots of space to grow!

Trilles des BoisTrilles des Bois

Trilles des Bois is a French Waldorf school in the Vanier area, and school gardens fit well into the Waldorf way of learning. The raised beds & outdoor classroom were built in spring of 2009, and teachers of each grade 3 class have their own plot and are able to integrate the gardens into the class’ learning.

2013-04-15 10.36.56

Woodroffe Public School

“Le petit coin vert” at Woodroffe Public School was built in spring of 2010 with the help of a teacher who had experience creating gardens at a former school. The gardens consist of 7 raised beds in a fenced in are. Five grade 3 classes spend many a moment here!