GUO Workshops

Growing Up Organic offers schools a series of curriculum-connected garden-based workshops in the spring and fall. These workshops are designed as a skeleton of potential garden-based activities for educators to facilitate in their school gardens: they are structured around seasonal garden tasks. For information about how to invite GUO to facilitate these workshops with your class, please contact us.

To download our workshops and associated materials, click here.

Elementary Level

Workshops-Ateliers - Fall

Workshops-Ateliers version 2 - Spring

Secondary Level

Because secondary schools typically function on a semester system, our workshops are designed to mirror content from the fall and spring seasons, while retaining the structure around seasonal garden tasks. Please note that at this time, secondary level workshops are designed for Food and Nutrition students only.

Secondary Workshops-Ateliers - Fall

Secondary Workshops-Ateliers - Spring (1)


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Eco Farm Days 2018

Eco Farm Days 2018 poster
The theme this year is one simple word – Adaptation. In the context of agriculture, however, that single word conjures up a great many different issues facing farmers.

Some ideas we will explore at Eco Farm Days are:

  • How can farmers adapt to a changing climate
  • how do plant nutrient needs change over time
  • breeding new plant varieties for your farm
  • exploring better ways to feed your animals
  • and more.


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