GUO School Garden Resources

Fundraising for your Organic School Garden: A Guide

Check out our spiffy new fundraising toolkit! It includes all you need to start raising money to cover your garden costs, whether you are establishing a new garden, or expanding an existing garden. You’ll find tools to help you estimate costs, letter templates for seeking sponsorship from local businesses, lists of relevant funding agencies, tips of writing winning grant applications, and much more!

Building Raised Bed Gardens with GUO

Want to know what’s involved in building the raised beds GUO has helped established in schools? It’s all here! Costs, sources of materials, and general tips…

Curriculum Connections

We know how important it is to link your organic school garden to the Ontario curriculum. The garden can be a powerful tool for meeting learning objectives across disciplines. We have assembled the curriculum links from from our own workshops into this document and hope it can serve to help you link your own lessons to the garden.

Summer Maintenance Letter

Recruit parent volunteers with this template letter for Summer 2014. It provides check boxes for families to sign up for a single week during the summer.

Summer Garden Maintenance Instructions

This two-page document can be distributed to summer volunteers. It outlines how to take care of the garden in the summer, including when to water, how to weed and what pests to watch out for. It also includes instructions for harvesting and contact information for GUO in case your volunteers need extra support.