GUO Farm-Gate Cafe

Please note that due to lack of funding GUO’s FarmGate Cafe is no longer active.

An innovative approach to farm-based education, our GUO identifies suitable local organic farms to host class field trips through which farmers teach children and youth about many aspects of organic farming.

Farm field trip to Roots and Shoots

Farm field trips. GUO connects schools with local organic farms in the Ottawa for educational field trips. .Typical visits include a tour of the farm property as well as the opportunity to engage in hands-on farm work. Schools are responsible for transportation to and from the farm.

Farm field trips are available for students from grade 3 and up and are limited to 35 students per farm. There is a fee associated with this program. Contact GUO for further details.

Grade 4 cooking workshop at Devonshire

Cooking Workshops.  While at the farms, students harvest  food to  bring back to the classroom, where they prepare a meal in collaboration with a local chef and/or nutritionist as well as with parents or GUO volunteers. Schools are responsible for covering the cost of ingredients as well as the fee associated with this program. Contact GUO for further details.

Farmer visits to classroom. GUO also facilitates farmer visits to classrooms, by identifying local organic farmers to visit schools to teach special segments on food production and the environment based on their own experience and expertise.