Whalesbone Oyster House and Funny Duck Farms

Chef Charlotte from Whalesbone Oyster House made a savoury, creative dish with the harvest from Funny Duck Farms pasture-raised heritage breed hogs and gardens. Rye and onion loaf topped withheadcheese mouse, poached-in-fresh-Jersey-milk liver & kidney pate, andfresh apple jelly. As a garnish, thinly sliced fresh picked crab apples withtouch of coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Yum!

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Feast of Fields “Special” Organic Yougurt Parfait


 1. Organic Hemp Granola*- small layer at the bottom of the corn cup (biodegradable)

2. Organic Yogurt- generous layer of plain organic yogurt

3. Blueberry** or Elderflower*** Jelly- 2 tablespoons dropped into the organic yogurt

4. Organic Hemp Granola- a second layer on the top

5. Sunberries- 3 sunberries to “top off” your COG O “Special” Organic Yogurt Parfait Organically grown by Rob and Julie from Songberry Farm for Feast of Fields!

*Organic Hemp Granola (from Pantry Plus in Orleans)  There could be traces of peanuts, nuts or soy.
* Organic Cinnamon Granola (from Natural Food Pantry)
** Organic Yogurt from Organic Meadow Co-op
*** Organic Blueberry Jelly specially made by Roshan Aubin for Feast of Fields
**** Organic Elderberry Jelly specially made by David and Margaret Townson sweetened with stevia and a hint of natural sugar with pectin.

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