Eco Farm Days 2018 Sunday Program

Workshop: Polyculture Livestock – Full Day workshop

Presenters: Dr. Hubert Karreman and Suzanne Nelson Karreman

For anyone raising livestock, animal health is a top priority. Not only do we want our animals’ life to be contented, but healthy livestock also means easier management, lower expenses and better products. Veterinarian Dr. Hubert Karreman and his partner Suzanne Nelson Karreman pasture 7 types of livestock, as a single cohesive system, on about 400 acres of land in North Carolina.

During this day long workshop, they will address health management strategies for individual livestock species. In addition, they will discuss proven approaches for combining multiple species in a single pasturing system. A polyculture livestock operation can result in a more productive farm, with healthier livestock. Different species interact in a symbiotic relationship with each other, as well as with the pasture ecosystem, resulting in easier, healthier and more sustainable pasture management.

The Karremans want this intensive workshop to be largely driven by the participants in the room, so come prepared with questions, problems, ideas and more regarding both specific livestock breeds and strategies for incorporating multiple breeds into a pasturing system.

For more information about the Karreman’s farm and business, please visit

This workshop is made possible through contributions from the Organic Dairy Producer’s Committee of the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, though the workshop is specifically designed to be relevant to all livestock producers, not just dairy.

Workshop: The Permaculture Market Garden – Full day workshop

Presenter: Zach Loeks

"The Permaculture Market Garden" by Zach Loeks

“The Permaculture Market Garden” by Zach Loeks

Zach has spent the last year traveling the world presenting the ideas from his book The Permaculture Market Garden, as well as honing ideas for the next book which he is already working on. He is an energetic and dynamic speaker, and is literally illustrative, drawing and designing as part of his presentation approach.

  • Introduction to Permaculture & Farm Ecosystem Services
  • Whole Farm Mapping & Holistic Planning
  • Design Management & our Permabed System

This workshop covers key concepts from Zach’s book The Permaculture Market Garden. It starts with a crash course in natural science, then builds understanding of ecosystem services, and proceeds with techniques for mapping and designing your farm to fit within a property’s environmental reality. It continues with holistic planning to balance your business and delves into routine improvement of your soil through brown brain Investment. This workshop culminates by outlying our Permabed system for patterning efficient garden diversity and how it serves as a framework for agro-ecosystem design. Immerse yourself in our farm design process and the possibilities for simplifying and improving your farm business or homestead.

Zach LooksZach Loeks is an educator, designer/consultant and farmer in Ontario. He grew up in New Mexico on a Permaculture homestead and now runs Kula Permaculture Farm, a Certified Organic and off-grid Permaculture farm in the Ottawa Valley. Zach teaches soil science at Algonquin College and runs workshops on and off the farm on topics ranging from organic gardening, root cellaring and garlic production to off-grid living, edible landscaping and whole farm design/management. His book: The Permaculture Market Garden shares his method for permaculture gardening, property design and a vision for the future of food. His research and farming practices work to integrate diversity, conserve soil and maximize farm ecosystem services without jeopardizing productivity. His next book is about the transition of entire communities and regions towards profitable, healthy and sustainable agro-ecosystems through small means and methods that bring about big change.

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