Thanks to the great work of our volunteer editorial and design team, COG OSO produces a quarterly electronic newsletter called Down To Earth (DTE).  When a new issue is ready we send the announcement with a link to everyone on our members and friends email list.

Our most recent issue, Fall 2017, is now available.

Please note: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Winter 2016 issue of DTE was not published.

Previous issues:
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To keep you posted on breaking news in between issues of DTE, we produce a ‘light’ version called COG OSO E-News which is sent out by email to everyone on our members and friends email list.

If you would like to join our members and friends email list, please contact us.

You are also invited to sign up to receive the e-newsletter from our national organization.

Coordinators: Clara Armone and Margaret Tourond-Townson; Webworks and distribution: Michael and Elena Vilenkin, Sara Holzman; Editorial: Matthew Irving; Graphic design/layout: Stephanie Pelot