Eco Farm Days 2018

Eco Farm Days 2018 poster
The theme this year is one simple word – Adaptation. In the context of agriculture, however, that single word conjures up a great many different issues facing farmers.

Some ideas we will explore at Eco Farm Days are:

  • How can farmers adapt to a changing climate
  • how do plant nutrient needs change over time
  • breeding new plant varieties for your farm
  • exploring better ways to feed your animals
  • and more.


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Senior Organic Gardeners Employment Positions

We offer opportunities to seniors in their homes, apartments, community housing apartments, retirement residences and long term care facilities to engage in organic vegetable, herb and edible flower gardening, to benefit from the healthy activity, productive pastime, and restful therapy that gardening can offer.

We currently have two positions open:

Gardening – Horticultural Manager – Requirements and Job Description
Coordinator – Requirements and Job Description


Organic Success Program

Organic Success

Are you thinking about certifying your farm operations? Do you need help navigating the process, or simply want to learn more about what it takes?
COG can help!

Canadian Organic Growers is currently recruiting participants for their new Organic Success Program. Over the course of several months, this pilot program will walk Ontario farmers through the transition to organic production and certification. Farmer-participants will be able to go through a mock inspection on their own farm and receive follow-up coaching. In addition, workshops on subjects like record keeping and interpreting the organic standards will be held. We will also focus on tailoring the program to the needs and interests of the participants.

To find out more about this new, exciting program and what it could mean for your farm, click here or get in touch with: or

Funding for this program was generously provided by: